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italian version
This Cd contains the complete catalogue (updated: October 1998) of the models of Mathematical Machines, stored in the Laboratory of Mathematics of the University Museum of Natural Science and Scientific Instruments of the University of Modena.
Every model is introduced with a photo, an animation, a description and the proof of the properties. These texts are only in Italian.
The animations have been realised by means of Cabri Géomètre II (version 1.0 for Windows). Cabri II has been chosen because of the friendly access to the graphic interface and for the good rendering of animated schemas. Some interactive Java simulations are enclosed.
The Laboratory of Mathematics is visited by students, teachers and researchers from Italy and from abroad. The models have been shown in several places in Italy and abroad (Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Japan, Spain, USA). This Cd has been prepared for the exhibition 'Theatrum Machinarum' (Modena, november 1998), to give visitors a dynamic catalogue of the objects on show. A brief outline of the general introduction has been translated into English. The complete translation of the texts had been planned but has been postponed.
This Cd is a draft product of research. Critics, observations, suggestions are welcome. The materials of the Cd can be quoted, provided that the appropriate reference is given. The On-Line version is available at http://www.museo.unimo.it/theatrum.